Razalean Reviews- Benefits, Dangers, Side effects, Dosage and more

Last Updated on August 25, 2022

Today’s busy life has made us forget about exercise and gain more weight than we should have. Millions of people around the world are fighting against obesity, trying to find their way to weight loss through diet pills and health supplements.

Razalean is the latest invention of American laboratories to ensure proper weight loss, using the right ingredients and helping your body increase its metabolism and the levels of energy.

It is the 3 in 1 diet supplement that reduces belly size, increases the energy levels, and has a powerful thermogenic action to wipe out all excess fat from your body tissues.

Here you have an honest review of Razalean, where you may find useful information about its active substances, the free shipping and the right way to take it. Reviews from other customers who have already used it are going to be available, while you are going to have much more information about its world-famous 100% money-back guarantee program.

You will soon enough find that Razalean is the only formula that keeps its promises, should you adopt a healthy diet and start working out for at least half an hour three times a week.

IMPORTANT: Due to its lack of scientific evidence of this supplement, our nutritionist team recommends PhenQ (for men) and LeanBean (for women) over Razalean for your safety.

Razalean: A controversial fat burner supplement

Razelean is the best diet pill of next-generation and the only one you are going to need to achieve fast weight loss. It comes in a 60 capsules bottle and is good for at least two months. You are going to need no more than a pill per day, to help you lose weight with no need to buy other products to make it work.


There is currently no scientific evidence of Razalean effectiveness. Despite the appetite suppressant and fat burner ingredients, we cannot confirm its results.

Our nutritionist’s team suggests you choose its most effective and scientifically proven alternatives: PhenQ & LeanBean

Where does Razalean come from?

The manufacturing laboratories of this supplement are in Utah, U.S.A., as the official website states. Since the product and its ingredients are not evaluated by the FDA, you need to be cautious with their consumption.

However, many customers are happy with their dramatic results in finding a non-drug supplement that works, which is the strongest proof of efficacy for Razalean.

Razalean manufacturing history

The product has been available to the United States and Canada from 2019 and shows solid growth potential. You can mainly order it from Razalean official website, however other famous online retailers like Amazon and eBay are always there to give you free shipping to your orders.

Razalean presence has gained a global glow lately, with many exports reaching the public in Australia, Europe, and Asia. It is one of the best fat loss pills, having a competitive price you may find online, used to moderate your appetite as well. 

Presentation of the Razalean brand

Razalean consists of two separate products: the regular day Razalean and the Razalean PM that you can take through the night. They are both efficient to give you thorough weight loss combined with some moderate exercise and a balanced diet.

All the ingredients are carefully selected and secured bottled in the form of a simple capsule having 610 mg of active substances. More than 97% of customers who initially buy Razalean, return to reorder multiple bottles, which is a top guarantee that the formula works.

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How does Razalean food supplement work?

The primary goal for the Razalean food supplement has originally been weight loss through fat-burning. The formula has a thermogenic effect on your fat cells, increasing their metabolism, while the active ingredient extract can suppress your appetite to enjoy a double weight loss and diet action.

Razalean best memorable actions include:

1- Metabolism maximization

The active ingredients are entering the Krebs energy production cycle acting as catalysts. All in cell reactions are accelerated, giving your body enough energy to sustain exhaustive exercise and burn fat instead of lean muscle mass.

2- Appetite reduction

Razalean can permanently bar your appetite streaks when you start taking it regularly. It helps you maintain a balanced diet, avoiding the nervous eating when you are home. Your appetite is a complex hormone-related signal path, where Razalean can interfere to suppress the secretion of certain hunger hormones and make you forget about eating for fun.

3-Thermogenic action

The caffeine extract included in Razalean can increase by three times the thermogenic reactions happening inside fat cells. These reactions are well-known as lipid acid oxidation paths and result in energy production, and ultimately the discard and apoptosis of fat cells.

4- Blocks fat production

Razelean can also divert your metabolism in using Ketones and fatty acids, instead of storing sugar and carbs in your liver. In this way, your body will eventually learn to use the fatty acids as a direct energy coin rather than potential energy deposits, ending up to fat formation in your belly and thighs area.

5- Improves the effects of exercise

When taking this formula, you help your body to obtain good natural strength while exercising. It happens thanks to the Razalean ingredients that lower your blood sugar levels and divert the nutrients towards the lean mass formation, excluding fat cells production and storage. Adding Razalean in your day can make you look fit and accentuate the effects of a healthy diet.

6- Acts as an anti-inflammatory agent

The active ingredient in this formula can offer your body a natural shield against inflammation in a local or systemic level. People with rheumatoid arthritis or Crohn’s disease can ease their symptoms and enjoy the weight loss effects of Razalean at the same time!

Razalean ingredients

Razalean keeps on being the diet pill containing the most effective fat loss ingredients in the market-all gathered in one capsule. Manufacturing of this formula has given the capsule the right size and shape to get easily absorbed by your intestine and liberate the active ingredient in your gut, where it can reach the target organs easier and faster.

The supplement includes the following ingredients that have a proven record of fat loss, appetite reduction, and muscle creation.


It is the active burning ingredient in chilly peppers and can severely burn you if you consume it raw. Capsicum increases satiety (the feeling of fullness when you eat meals) and can be a strong metabolic catalyst, giving extra energy to your cells. 

Razalean has capsicum portions coming from Cayenne Pepper, which is a proven fat burner offering you unique benefits through your weight loss plan.

Caffeine blend

Razalean contains caffeine extract in three different forms: Citrate, Anhydrous, and Green Coffee beans. All the competitors’ caffeine substances are from a single source, giving you a sudden boost in blood caffeine levels followed by a steep fall. 

The exotic 3-blend caffeine matrix can give you a more stable caffeine concentration in your bloodstream avoiding the crashes that minimize the metabolic effects in your fat cells.

With Razalean you are going to enjoy smooth energy levels throughout the day, maximizing your exercise and diet results.

Apple cider vinegar

Many studies have shown the diverse benefits of apple cider vinegar to your health. Razalean is the very first diet supplement to include it in its active ingredient base, offering you extreme fat loss results, blood sugar regulation, and hunger suppression.

By taking the pill once a day after your meals, you assist your body to put downward pressure on insulin secretion and lower your appetite rush. Apple cider vinegar is the hidden formula to guarantee weight loss and metabolism boost.


It is one of the brown seaweed of the Laminariales genre that grows in high-salted seashores and is famous for its weight loss abilities. Kelp can help you follow a low-calorie diet, enhance your health, and boost your metabolism when found in supplements. 


Razalean combines the action of well-known superfoods aside with amino-acids that give you more energy and better blood flow like L-Arginine. It is the molecule that combines with HCL (hydrochloric acid) in your blood to elevate the nitric oxide in your body and make the blood clot creation impossible. In this way, L-Arginine makes your blood circulation easier, preventing strokes and heart attacks. 

Rhodiola 2% Rosavins

It is the famous “golden root” supplement that is present in Razalean pills. Scientists take it from the Arctic regions and they have proved that it can oxygenate your brain and muscle tissues, increase your mental abilities and make you concentrate better, enforce your metabolism and lose weight more efficiently. Finally, it can lower your stress levels, interfering with the secretion of cortisol in your bloodstream.

Raspberry Ketones

In many reviews, raspberry ketones have been the number one ingredient to help you lose weight, by increasing the fatty acids oxidation reactions to produce energy. Consuming raspberry ketones found in Razalean pills, you may also reduce the fatty acids deposition in your liver and ensure that ketones can feed your brain instead of sugar when exercising. This compound helps you come closer to the Ketosis state, where your body works without sugar intake and uses fatty acids as energy coins. Every health website agrees that raspberry ketones extract can give you an extra hike in weight loss, without any side effects.

Green coffee bean extract

The famous green coffee bean extract appears in several scientific reviews about effective weight loss. Razalean pills contain a substantial portion of this extract, that is full in chlorogenic acid – one of the ingredients that cut your appetite and help your body metabolize fatty acids easier and faster.

Garcinia Cambogia

Found as Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA) in the fruits of a tropical tree, Garcinia Cambogia is the hidden natural ingredient that will help you lose weight immediately. HCA works as a blocker for fatty acids creation from sugars included in your diet. As a result, HCA combined with the caffeine in Razalean capsules remains the best solution for rapid weight loss and fat burning. 

Turmeric Root Extract

Turmeric is a popular spice in India and has curcumin as its basic ingredient. People love to take Turmeric in their diet pills and supplements since it can reduce inflammation that strongly correlates to the fat depositories creation. 

Who is Razalean for?

According to the manufacturer’s directions, Razalean is good for all men and women over 18 years old. People who are going to benefit the most from this supplement are women who have appetite and sugar cravings all the time and need to have help concerning the calorie intake and motivate their metabolism.

Additionally, men who suffer from afternoon hunger and need larger portions of meals to feel satisfied will find the best solution in Razalean capsules. Virtually anybody who wants to have a quick weight loss and control his appetite could benefit from the consumption of Razalean pills. 

It would be wiser not to use Razalean products for teenagers having diet issues and weight problems. Its action on the developing teenage body is still under question, and there is no reason to risk teenagers’ health to increase their metabolism rates.

Finally, Razalean is the best formula for all those who like to adopt a more healthy living, combining diet with exercise and having a busy daily schedule. These pills are giving them the extra energy they need to cope up with daily chores and reduce their need for unnecessary snacks during the day.

Pros and Cons of Razalean

Powerful thermogenic action, burning fat and helping you lose weight easier and fasterCaffeine concentration remains high in Razalean, potentially causing anxiety, insomnia, and abnormal heart rate to some consumers
Boosts your metabolism, making you bun fatty acids and reducing the blood sugar levels after mealsThere is no published research with Razalean supplement uploaded to the official website
Fights against inflammation in a focal or general level in your bodyCapsules are dangerous for children and customers should keep them away from their reach at all times
Costs less than all the other diet pills found onlineYou still need to follow a healthy diet and perform a weekly exercise to enjoy the weight loss benefits and fat reduction
You get free shipping by ordering the normal two month supply of diet capsulesNo customers reviews are there on the official Razalean website
Reduces your appetite and cravings for sugar and snacks throughout the dayThe ingredients list doesn’t include any allergens or inactive additives that may affect some people
Razalean contains natural ingredients tested by scientists in various clinical trialsCustomers have no access to Razalean supplement from physical stores or pharmacies
Can be combined with the Razalean PM formula to keep your metabolism motivated even when you sleep
The only diet bottle formula offering a money-back guarantee in case you don’t have the desired weight loss results after 2 weeks

Effectiveness and Users’ Reviews of Razalean diet pills

Since Razalean contains 200 mg of caffeine per capsule, that is the main ingredient bringing the effects of weight loss and fat burning to consumers. Many studies have shown the beneficial action of caffeine to people who need to lose weight. For all the other active ingredients presented above, there are researches to show the good natural strength and weight loss effects people get from consuming them. However, further investigation is always necessary to support the benefit/cost rate of Razalean.

Found on the official Razalean website, here are some of the customers’ reviews to support the pronounced benefits of this formula:

Razalean customers reviews

These are also some reviews from top customers in Amazon:

amazon razalean supplement reviews

Dosage: How to use Razalean?

It would be wiser to read our dosage advice before you start taking the supplement:

When to start and when to stop?

Razalean formula works better when you have lots of weight to lose. In this aspect, you can start taking the capsules when you finally decide to follow a healthy diet and get some daily exercise. You can use it for a long time, should you have no side effects from its use.

The best time to stop would be when you reach your optimum weight levels and stay there for at least six months. Be aware that you should stop the supplement right away if you feel like having allergic reactions to one or more of its active substances or if your physician orders you to do so.

razalean fat burner

What are the dosages to respect?

Manufacturers’ advice to start taking one capsule every day before meals. However, the dosage can further increase to reach the level of two capsules per day, which is the maximum portion of Razalean formula permitted for daily intake.

Most of the people benefit from the single pill use, but some of them need the second pill to see the fast onset of weight loss actions on their body.

What to do if you forget Razalean?

In case you forget a dose of these pills you simply need to go on with the next programmed dose without doubling the intake. Chemical compounds found in Razalean have long-term action and their levels don’t suffer from a steep fall when you forget a single dose. 

On the other hand, if you want to be consistent with your weight loss effort and diet program, you better be punctual with your daily consumption of this formula.

What to do in case of overdose?

Some people may take more than two pills per day. Although this will not harm you, it may cause some bowel irritation and some sleeping issues, since you are just taking too much caffeine. If you feel you had an overdose stop taking the supplement for the day and go on the next one. You need to refer to your physician any abnormal reactions during the overdose period and stop immediately the intake of Razalean.

Precautions to take when taking Razalean

The Razalean formula contains only natural substances and chemical compounds. However, you need to keep the formula out of the reach of children at all times. Physicians support that you should avoid getting dietary supplements during pregnancy and breastfeeding periods. 

If you are a healthy individual, just pay attention to the daily coffee consumption since you are going to get too much caffeine in your bloodstream and have some negative impacts on your mood and sleeping cycle. 

How to keep the Razalean?

Razalean is a supplement that you can keep at room temperature. You simply need to seal the bottle each time you open it and place it somewhere dark and cool, to keep its active ingredients in good shape. 

Risks, Hazards and Side Effects of Razalean

Razalean is a natural formula and has no side effects for consumers, as long as they respect the daily dosage range. Some of the risks and hazards that correlate to Razalean daily use include:

Caffeine hypes 

Since it contains 200 mg per capsule, you need to be aware of mental irritation and insomnia side effects that may occur, especially if you like to drink coffee as a beverage. A moderate reduction of the drinkable coffee may resolve the issues.

Allergic reaction to some of the active substances

Even though such a reaction has not been stated by the manufacturers, you should always ask your doctor about taking these pills, since you may be allergic to some of the herbs extracts that are included there.

Other than that Razalean keeps on being a safe supplement for daily use.

Our final opinion on Razalean

You may benefit from the daily consumption of Razalean if you are overweight and try to lose weight. The same applies to all people that need to lose only a few pounds to resume normality. It is good both for men and women, not affecting their menstrual cycle or having any other hormone-related reactions. 

You shouldn’t expect to lose weight only by consuming Razalean. You need to enter into a healthy and balanced diet, performing some mild exercise at least three times a week for results to appear, as the manufacturer states on the official website. 

Razalean seems to work for most of the customers, who are returning to order again. However, further research needs to appear on the official website since there are other competitors like PhenQ that have by far more studies and research performed in a substantial part of the population. 

FDA has not advocated against Razalean, but customers should be always careful and ask the opinion of the experts, should they notice any unusual symptoms by the consumption of such weight loss supplement.

How to buy Razalean: the complete guide

Where to buy Razalean and at what price?

The best way to order Razalean would be through its official website. After you log in, you may create a personal account and start ordering right away. They accept all major credit cards as well as cash on delivery. You may get the following bargains:

  • You may get one bottle of Razalean (60 capsules, 610 mg each), for only $69.95, plus $4.95 for shipping and handling fees.
  • If you order two bottles of Razalean, you will pay $129.95 and get one free bottle of Razalean PM and free shipping.
  • A great discount is valid if you order three bottles of Razalean for $149.95 and two free bottles of Razalean PM. The shipping costs are also covered by the company.

Update January 2020 : Amazon is selling Razalean supplements again at the best price on the market ! Click on the button above to buy the fat burner pills on Amazon !

Razalean 60 days money-back guarantee

Everyone indeed buying dietary supplements online is always doubtful about their real value and activity. Razalean offers a generous 60-day money-back guarantee to all its customers. Specifically, you may return any part of the opened bottle and receive a full refund for your money within the first 60 days, provided you didn’t have the weight loss results you were waiting for. 

Any unopened bottles should return to the manufacturer sealed to be eligible for a full refund. It is a very generous option to curb the resistance of the most doubtful customers on the market.


These are some of the questions that people ask online about Razalean:

What is Razalean PM?

Razalean manufacturers decided to create Razalean PM to keep your body metabolizing fats even when you are sleeping. The supplement contains melatonin (sleeping hormone), L-Theanine (improves the quality of sleep and lowers stress levels), L-Tryptophan (makes your appetite plummet and gets you to sleep) and three active natural extracts (Ginkgo Biloba, White Kidney Bean Powder, and Chromium Picolinate) who eliminate hunger and improve your mental and cognitive functions.

Each bottle contains 30 capsules (633 mg of active substance each one) and comes to you for only $59.95 per bottle. However, most of the customers are receiving Razalean PM for free, simply by ordering more regular Razalean formula bottles as presented above.

Is Razalean a thermogenic?

Yes, razalean supplement is a thermogenic. It serves to lose weight and it does this by boosting the metabolism of fat cells in the body.

Does razalean work?

Razalean is NOT approved by the FDA. As such, there is no scientific proof to claim that it works. However, many customers that have used it have shown immense satisfaction in its drastic results.

How long does it take to see results with Razalean?

You should be able to see results even from the very first days of consumption. Razalean combined with exercise and a healthy diet can give you a solid fat loss that you will be seeing on your scale day-by-day.

Does Razalean work without exercise?

The formula could work without exercise, but it would take you a lot more time to see the weight loss results since you need to motivate your body to let Razalean improve your metabolism and burn fat easier.

Can I take Razalean without eating?

It could be disastrous for your health. Plus Razalean cannot regulate your metabolism when you are not eating anything since hunger suppresses all activities in your body. Always consider having a balanced diet to lose weight when taking Razalean capsules.


After all this analysis, we come to the point to say that Razalean is a new and promising formula that gives you:

  • Weight and fat loss when taken twice a day and combines with exercise and a healthy diet
  • Appetite suppression making you avoid the empty calories between your regular meals
  • Energy improvement and greater lean muscle mass development, making you more energetic and upgrading your mood

Since Razalean is a rather new formula, we need to see more reviews and extended research to persuade ourselves about the benefits. The best possible alternative that is thoroughly tested is PhenQ which has a proven record of weight and fat loss success to people taking it regularly. 

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